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曙大豆きな粉「極焙煎」1袋150g 540円(税込・送料別)

曙大豆きな粉「極焙煎」1袋150g 540円(税込・送料別)

SKU: 364215376135191

Kinako made from 100% roasted soybeans. Please enjoy the sweetness peculiar to roasted soybeans, the taste of beans, and the aroma of extremely roasted beans.

You can tell the difference the moment you put it in your mouth.

After tasting a bite, kinako milk, kinako toast, kinako yogurt etc.

Please choose your favorite way of eating.

  • Product information

    "Akira Soybean Kinako" is made by roasting and milling Akebono soybeans harvested in the Akebono district of Minobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, by Kawahara Mill (Nerima-ku, Tokyo), which was founded in 1945.

    Kawahara Mill uses a custom-made roasting machine to roast the net, and carefully roasts it using an open flame and a far-infrared fire.
    Due to the effect of far infrared rays, large-grain soybeans are roasted from the inside, and can be roasted fragrantly while making the best use of the sweetness of soybeans.
    The most delicious roasting condition is before the soybeans are burnt, so it seems to be a very nerve-wracking process.
    Put the roasted soybeans in a crusher, and when they become powder, you have a delicious soybean flour. The techniques that the roasting and crushing craftsmen have continued to protect bring out the sweetness peculiar to dawn soybeans.
    Please enjoy the original strong bean taste and unique sweetness of roasted soybeans.

    Kawahara Flour Mill's website:

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    2袋・・・・・ 370円

    3~4袋・・・ 510円

    5袋以上 ・・1,000円

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